1. ISI Publications (2010 - 2015)

2. Conference Papers (2010 - 2015)

Key research directions:

  • Theoretical Physics: Field Theory and Particle Physics; Low Dimensional Nanoscale Quantum Physics; XAFS Theory and Solid Structure; Nuclear Scattering Theory; Mathematical and Theoretical Physics studies in biophysics.
  • High Energy Physics and Cosmology: Standard Model and its extensions; CP Symmetry Violation; Super Symmetry; Physics of Higgs Boson; Neutrino Physics; Applications in Astronomy and Cosmology; Various model of the universe; problems in the expansion and inflation of the universe; gravitational wave; cosmic microwave background; dark energy and dark matter.
  • Computational Physics: Simulation and Modeling: Computer simulations in high energy physics (Lattice QCD); Computer simulation of economic and social problems; Computer Algorithms, parallelism. Study of ferroelectric, ferromagnetic perovskite materials; Applications of oxide materials in energy conversion; Theory of strongly correlated electron systems; Theory of Low dimensional spin systems.
  • Nuclear Physics: Theory of Nuclear structure; Applied Nuclear Physics; Radioactive Environmental Physics; Nuclear Reaction in Accelerators and Reactors.
  • Solid State Physics and Materials Science: Nanomaterials and Electronic devices; Research of properties and applications of thin film and nanostructure of oxide semiconductors materials in advanced electronic devices; Synthesis and investigation of magnetic materials, of ferroelectric, ferromagnetic multilayer perovskite materials; Exotic magnetic materials; sensors and small signal amplification; Physic properties of nanomaterials, applications of nanomaterials in biology, medical, medicine, and environment.
  • Quantum Optics: Laser Spectroscopy on optical properties of metal and semiconductor nanomaterial; Ultrashort-pulse laser and applications in fiber optic communications; Nonlinear Optics; Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy on monolayer, surface and interface; Optical bistable effect in quantum optics, Random laser.
  • Thermophysics: properties of magnetic materials at low temperature, superconducting materials, thermomagnetic materials and phenomena, magnetic cooling, magnetic nanowire, computer simulation and design of exotic magnetic materials at nanoscale.
  • Geophysics: 2 and 3 dimensional magnetic and gravitational methods in exploring deep structure of Vietnam continental shelf; Analyze and forecast earthquake; Developing computer software for analyzing and processing geophysics data; Research on advance technology to gather geophysical data.
  • Radiophysics: Physics of oscillation; Super high frequency electronics; Measurement and signal processing; Supersonics and applications; Applied electronics; Constructing systems for control, measurement, digital signal analysis, embedded system.
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